The ETF Maximizer was designed for those desiring to build retirement savings while minimizing losses along the way. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offer an unprecedented opportunity for all investors to invest across asset classes (equities, bonds, commodities, country funds and currencies) , but ETFs can experience huge volatility swings that many investors used to the performance returns of managed mutual funds may not have experienced.  This is why we approach the world of investing in Exchange Traded Funds with a laser like focus on both risk and reward, rather than just reward.  The ETF Maximizer is designed for those who understand that capital preservation is a key component of superior long term market out performance and that profits can be made through a combination of solid risk and reward analysis.

Many Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) system trading guru's have developed specialized approaches to invest in a portfolio of ETFs that focus on only a portion of the market -- for example, they may have a system to perform Sector Rotation utilizing domestic ETFs, or they may have a Foreign Investment Strategy which rotates through many Country ETFs. The ETF Maximizer is superior to these stand alone systems because it is a Global system that considers currencies, country funds, commodity funds, sectors funds, domestic equity and bond funds and other targeted opportunities.

The value of our approach is that often when the domestic markets begin to turn down country, commodity, currency or sector ETFs may continue to trend higher. Consequently, systems that specialize in only domestic ETFs will miss many opportunities. The ETF Maximizer global ETF system provides an opportunity stay invested in the market more often than either approach separately.

The developers of the ETF Maximizer have combined over 20 years of collaborative system development work to create this powerful investment model.

Let's be clear, the ETF Maximizer is not a day-trading system! In fact we built the system to take control of our own investments with the objectives of maximizing returns, minimizing transaction costs and reducing stress. ETF Maximizer upgrades the funds in each portfolio once a month.  Since the system does not trade frequently, it is a good fit for retirees and investors concerned about growth of their retirement savings.

Our proprietary market risk analysis is used to determine which of the top ranked funds we recommend each month.  The combination of the ranking system and the risk analysis smooth out the equity curve.  Our experience shows that you can only invest in a system you can live with and our focus on risk analysis along with performance is the optimum way to approach ETF investing for most investors because of the huge volatility of ETFs during the course of bull and bear phases in the market.

The ETF Maximizer is an active management approach as versus a Buy and Hold approach. The benefits are incredible. During the bear market in 2008 when most investors were stung by huge losses both ETF Maximizer portfolios realized positive gains for the year. (For additional ETF Maximizer performance details, visit the Performance page.)

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By subscribing to ETF Maximizer you can get your life back and have the time to enjoy the things of real value like family and friends.

The ETF Maximizer nor 401k Maximizer do not guarantee high returns and it should always be remembered that any market investment involves risks to capital.